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Predictive insights supporting transparent decision making (launch due April 2020)

Predicting Presidents (voting from the 5th of August) Prediction is hard, especially about things yet to happen. Even events that seem like simple binaries, such as US presidential elections where two candidates face off, can be subject to deep uncertainties despite mountains of data being available. Such uncertainties are generated when the institutional context that elections take place in becomes unstable. But what destabilizes those contexts in some periods – such as now – the so-called ‘populist moment’ and not in other periods? AI may be able to help. Using a predictive AI engine Taylor Mann, Pine Capital and Mark Blyth, Brown University’s Rhodes Institute for International Economics and Finance got together with the folks at Decision Point to develop an AI that can detect such moments of discontinuity. Did it work? Come and find out.

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Advanced Consumer Analytics ACA will offer both a Standard Product and Professional Services Consulting to define and build bespoke client solutions

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